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The Hundredth Monkey Theory

In modern legend, the story of the Hundredth Monkey implies that evolutionary concepts can quickly spread among a species. In 1952 on the Japanese island Koshima, scientists observed a young monkey wash sand off a sweet potato before eating it. Meanwhile all the other monkeys were eating dirty potatoes and spitting out the sand. Over the next few years, other young monkeys began to wash their potatoes, along with some of the adults who copied the behavior of their young. Then suddenly in 1958 something changed, and overnight all of the monkeys on the island were washing their potatoes. What was most interesting was at the same time, tribes of monkeys on other islands began washing their potatoes as well. Once a critical mass had been reached, the entire species had the same level of understanding.

Are you one of the hundred monkeys? If so, your prime duty is to continually expand your own sense of enlightenment. Seek the light. Continuously move towards high vibration. See no evil, hea…

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