The Neverending Spiritual Journey

I was moved to write a little about one of my favorite movies of all time....Last Dragon is my second favorite :)  An article was shared with me about a company that was creating Falcor stuffed animals but the demand was too high for them to continue to make them.  That left me thinking that the movie still has such a huge impact on people.  That is pretty huge!  I can't tell you how many times I have watched this movie as a child.  It always left me with such a warm feeling.  It also left me feeling like I could do and create anything...and it made me want to find my very on luck dragon lol!  

Have you ever watched a movie that you loved as a child and then see it completely different as an adult?  Well, that is exactly what happen to me with this movie.  As a kid, this movie was basically a fantasy.  It allowed me to go to a place in my mind that felt so free and unreal.  I felt like I was really apart of the movie.  Just like Bastion was apart of the book.  

What I know now, it that the movie represented a spiritual journey.  The journey was for Bastion and Atreyu to realize who they truly were.  If you look closely as the name Atreyu is can be broken down to mean "a true you".  For me, that symbolizes your higher self.  Atreyu accepts a journey in which he will be faced with many trials and tribulation.  That is much like our own journey in life.

Magic Mirror Gate
When I reflect on this, it makes the think of the reason I created my company.  Thyselfknown. reflects knowing all parts of myself.  I have looked in the mirror and accepted it all.  The good and the bad and through that I am more connected to my higher self.  When Atreyu saw his reflection he did not run. He walked through the mirror and the two became one.  He and Bastion became one.  Thyselfknown also means knowing that our journey is "neverending".  There will always be lesson for us to learn to help us grow in different ways. 

I found this amazing video that give a much deeper breakdown of the movie.  It put everything into a spiritual perceptive.  I had to watch it twice I enjoyed it so much!  Watch it below and let me know your thoughts.  Also let me know what you favorite childhood movie was and if you see it differently now. Enjoy!


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